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Steristar Photo Mãlo, Inc., known worldwide for the versatile crateless retort system, now includes the Steristar Overpressure Retort in its complete line of retort systems.

New products, new packaging and changing markets are placing unprecedented demands on food processors for versatile equipment, more efficient processes, and better economics. The Steristar Retort System from Mãlo allows processors to meet such rigorous demands. Steristar retorts incorporate state-of-the-art technology into a soundly engineered, precision crafted, and computer controlled, processing system. This unique combination delivers unequaled performance and efficiency.

Steristar retorts apply the steam / air principle for optimum performance.

The following features and benefits enable the Steristar Retort to outperform other overpressure retorts:

  • Fan forced steam / air circulation achieves a uniform heat distribution throughout the retort consistent with FDA requirements.
  • The Steristar Retort's process is "ventless", resulting in a significant energy savings and a cookroom environment that is cooler and quieter.
  • Precise control of cooling water temperature minimizes energy usage. Optional recycling of cooling water lowers waste water disposal costs.
  • Precise control of the steam / air process results in a shortened cycle time for maximum production and consistent quality.
  • Foods retain more of their natural qualities due to reduced process time and optimal heat transfer characteristics.
Designed And Constructed in The U.S.A.

The Steristar retort is designed and constructed by Mãlo, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All component parts are readily available, ensuring quick delivery and minimal downtime.

Service and Support. Immediate response to our customers' needs is a source of pride at Malo, Inc. Our competent staff of engineers and technicians are available to assist at anytime, from plant layout to system startup.

Specialized Experience. Malo's engineering expertise, manufacturing skills, and technical know-how, are the result of more than three decades of specialized retort experience.

Steristar Photo Steristar Retort Systems have been installed in the production and research facilities of highly respected firms throughout North America. Pictured are six Steristar retorts in the cookroom of a major food processor in the Pacific Northwest.
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